A Roadmap to Unlocking Government Services

By Joseph Doherty, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, ACS Government Solutions

When you drive through an E-ZPass lane or read a book in a graffiti-free park, it’s unlikely that you take a moment to think, “Wow, I’m really enjoying the services provided by my government today.” You may not stop and reflect on it, but a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into the services provided by government agencies like transportation, healthcare, law enforcement and human services.

ACS, A Xerox Company helps power many of the processes that help governments operate smoothly and focus on their core task: delivering services to citizens. We are partners with 1,700 government agencies and provide services in all 50 states and around the world.

This graphic  shows only a very small slice of what we do, but it’s a great representation of the cost savings and efficiencies our customers are achieving. In Indianapolis, for example, ACS is updating the city’s parking system with modernized technology and services that’s making parking easier for drivers and increasing net revenue for the city. We’re helping states across the country to use a debit card instead of paper checks to deliver benefits and payments, which is saving millions in postage and printing, not to mention increasing convenience and security for citizens. And speaking of printing, cities using managed print services are cutting costs by nearly 20 percent and reducing time spent by employees on print-related activities.

We’re playing a role in building the government of the future, one city, one service at a time. Want to know even more about how we help government agencies?  Find out here.

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