CES 2012: Xerox’s Place at the Table

By, Karen Arena, Xerox Global Public Relations

Xerox CEO Ursula Burns was asked  to join the stage at CES 2012 with Ford and Verizon.    Why, you ask?  It’s not as far-fetched as you think.  Whether you’re looking for the latest hi-tech mattress, or new technology to solve a business problem, CES 2012 has become a home for innovation.   And for years, Xerox has embraced innovation to create new industries and opportunities for ourselves and our clients.  Like Ford and Verizon, we’re a company that uses innovation to help make people’s lives better.

And although we’re not launching smart Internet TVs, our unexpected appearance at CES is a proof point in Xerox’s transformation.  Our technology is laser-focused (no pun intended)  to solve the daily problems people face – I  think of easing my commute – or helping  companies, the healthcare profession and government agencies to reduce people’s daily pain points. 

Take for example, parking in Indianapolis – Through a revolutionary public-private partnership with the city, we’ve simplified parking by introducing credit-card accepting meters, smartphone payment apps, and sensors that direct drivers to open spaces.  Or, in healthcare –Starting a family? Dealing with the ups and downs of a chronic condition? What if you had some Healthcare Power Tools to help you decide?   We’re working on it. Those factors can all be taken into account to provide detailed plan options and price comparisons to help consumers choose the optimal health plan. 

So when it comes to innovation and Xerox, it’s over 50 years in the making!   Don’t forget to watch Ursula Burns at CES’s Innovation Power Panel , or follow @XeroxCorp live from CES 2012 on Twitter, Wednesday, January 11 at 9:00 a.m. PST.

Oh, and just in case you thought we didn’t launch a new product at CES – check out The Xerox Mobile Scanner.  It’s a small cordless scanner that sends JPG and PDF files to your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device via Wi-Fi.

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