Focus Friday: Xerox Social Media- A One Stop Shop

By, Sumer Gregg, Xerox Interactive Marketing

Some consider it “the wild west” with exciting discoveries, limited laws, emerging tools for learning and the ability to share/grow without limits.

I won’t go into too many details about what exactly social media is (if you are reading this, you already know), but for the most part social media delivers a new way to communicate online with anyone.

Average people can be heard by celebrities, small business can directly connect to corporations and oppressed people can even (presumably) change governments. Pop stars like Justin Bieber can even give props to Xerox by saying “Finally we got people tryna be #real.”

At the end of the day, social media is just that – “social”. Like any social situation, you don’t want to know “that guy” who dominates conversations, fakes sincerity or makes up lies because he thinks that’s what people want to hear. You have to listen, be sincere, open and honest, always act with transparency, all of which are core values of Xerox. In other words, Xerox  aims to play well with others, in social media.

Our first jump into social media was with Second Life, a virtual world that was an exciting and new way to connect with customers in a virtual space. We then launched our first Xerox Blog; shortly followed by Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube .  Our social channels have grown so fast, that now we need to make it easy for our audience to follow along.

Today, we opened a one stop shop, the Xerox Social Media Aggregator! Here you can find our diverse Xerox conversations, communities and YouTube playlists.   We hope this brings focus to our social media conversations.  Poke around and you may just discover a new friend or resource that speaks directly to you and your needs.

I highly recommend checking out our new Xerox Social Media Aggregator and let us know what you think by commenting below, or by joining our conversations! Come follow us, we play well with others!

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