2012: The Year of Re-humanizing Technology?

By Sheila Mackay, Xerox Litigation Services

In a world that’s becoming more and more tech-dependent, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the invaluable human element. And there’s no better example than in electronic discovery, where often the best solution is one that merges the benefits of technology with human expertise. In e-discovery, automated document classification solutions (often referred to as technology-assisted review) like XLS’ CategoriX are a prime example.

Earlier this winter, we joined forces with Ben Kerschberg, a Forbes.com contributor, to shed some light on a variety of topics related to e-discovery – from implementing a framework for legal holds to building a team to navigate e-discovery matters (which you can also learn more about via this podcast). Most recently, Amanda Jones, senior classification analyst with XLS, coauthored an article with Ben about the very topic of the role humans play throughout the process of e-discovery. They put it best when they said “automated document review technology is a tool like any other with potential that cannot be realized fully without the worldly knowledge and creativity that only humans can bring to bear in solving complex problems.”

And speaking of the “human element,” I look forward to reconnecting with friends, colleagues and clients at LegalTech, the largest legal technology conference in the world, this week in New York City. This year, XLS will be hosting a judicial panel on one of the most salient trends in e-discovery – technology-assisted review. If you happen to be attending the show, we’d love to have you join us.

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