By, Kevin Lightfoot, Xerox Services PR

There is only one thing worse than an IT guy showing up in my office. You guessed it, two IT guys.

But it happened.

It was a sunny afternoon in Dallas when I was having issues with my laptop. The help desk was stumped. The first IT guy who came into my office later fled, mumbling to himself.

“Is it fixed?” I asked innocently. His over-the-shoulder glance as he fled wasn’t reassuring.

When I looked up he was back at my door – with another one. They were polite enough to ignore my startled girlish yelp when I saw two of them, but it was unsettling.  For the next hour I was in the Twilight Zone, or our office in Albania because I couldn’t understand a word.  Not one single word, acronym or technical term. Nothing.

I later learned I was in the cloud. Not a cloud, but “the cloud.”

I don’t know what they did but my laptop has worked perfectly ever since. They said it had to do with a PICNIC. I’m guessing ants or bad egg salad.

So with great respect and admiration for IT support staff, operations managers, procurement professionals and anyone else with a hand in the day-to-day fun of the network and the cloud we present Stuff IT Guys Say.