by, Karen Arena, vice president, Global PR, Xerox

Xerox is a global company with operations in over 160 countries.  We recently learned of Greenpeace’s report concerning Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and after completing our due diligence we wanted to share the following official executive response with our partners, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders. 



Xerox is committed to developing and acting on sustainable paper sourcing practices in in all the places around the globe where we conduct business. 

We do not currently source from AP&P, and there are no Xerox products in the marketplace coming from AP&P. While at one time AP&P was a Xerox supplier, our corporate direction has been to cease doing business with AP&P on a global basis. This direction was put in place years ago and is based on our stringent paper sourcing guidelines. We have since been working with our local operations in countries around the world to ensure that all paper suppliers for Xerox products must comply with our sustainability standards and that we’re terminating relationships with suppliers like AP&P that do not meet our standards. In working with independent affiliates around the world, we continue to educate and reinforce our sustainability standards and sourcing guidelines, so they can make the same decisions we have with respect to suppliers like AP&P.

UPDATE, March 28, 2012


We have completed a thorough evaluation of Xerox entities around the world.  While we have confirmed that no Xerox branded products have been sourced from AP&P since implementing our ban in 2002, we have uncovered that a Xerox European entity bought and resold AP&P branded paper as recently as 2011.    This was against the company’s purchasing protocols.  The activity has since ceased, corrective actions have been taken, and we are reinforcing  our policy — banning any purchase of paper from AP&P.   We appreciate that this violation of policy was brought to our attention by GreenPeace, and hope that, in the future, the group will contact us directly when they uncover discrepancies to our stringent paper sourcing policy.