by Nancy Demspsey, Xerox PR

I am a member of the global PR team, live in Rochester, NY and help countless students, reporters and my team get the facts straight about Xerox

Today, we are a $23 billion company with more than half our revenue coming from services we provide across the globe. But Xerox has a rich history that goes back to the launch of the first plain paper copier more than 50 years ago from a company that began life in 1906 as the Haloid Company. In my job in Corporate Public Relations I receive many phone calls asking for information about Xerox – past and present and that past has generated tons of materials that must be carefully archived.

 When I get a call from someone asking about our history, early products and innovations, or perhaps hoping to borrow a vintage product for a movie prop, I know who to call: our Xerox historian, Ann Neal. 

Ann runs the Xerox Historical Archives on the Xerox Webster complex. Its mission is to collect, preserve and make available documents, media and artifacts of historical significance to Xerox Corporation.

This unique collection began in 1974 and has been enhanced through the years from donations from Xerox employees and retirees as well as from various organizations within Xerox who send Ann materials that are no longer needed.  The collection includes product documentation, publications, machines, photos, films and memorabilia. 

So when computer aficionados want to see photos of Xerox’s early mouse or the Alto computer, I can reach out to Ann at the Historical Archives. When a movie or television production company wants to borrow a vintage piece of equipment for their production, I can count on Ann to research and provide the appropriate product for the scene. 

It’s a bright spot in my day, when I reach out to Ann and learn even more about Xerox and our history. She’s a true treasure and a great resource!

And this summer, when you’re watching Men in Black III, see if you can spot the Xerox equipment.