Walking the Talk on Earth Day

by, Alexander Charles, Xerox corporate public relations

Earth Day is merely days away, but we haven’t announced news of our latest “green” initiative or released  the latest figures on how much we devote to  “green” research? 


Because stand-alone initiatives and knowing how much you spend solely on green research means sustainable innovation isn’t part of your organizational DNA.    We believe that true innovation requires thinking differently about everything you do. So when asked how much of our business we devote to green innovation, we proudly say all of it.

Integrated sustainable innovation  is just the way we have always approached business.  We’ve always understood the largest environmental impact of our decisions may lie outside of our own four walls. That’s why we think about every component that makes up our products and services. 

Our legacy of sustainable innovation predates the first observed Earth Day by a year when we introduced double-sided copying in 1969 .We have always pursued the triple bottom line: activities that are good for our customers, good for our company and good for the planet. 

Recently, our Global Vice President of Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability Patty Calkins was interviewed by Forbes on our pioneering sustainability efforts and how we “walk the talk”, each and every day including Earth Day.

For the entire Forbes interview, click here.

Alex is the Global Citizenship blogger for Xerox.  In his spare time he enjoys sci-fi and football.

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  1. Phyllis Simmons April 19, 2012 - Reply

    Great site, I will have to follow this blog.
    Also like the blogroll, some are old favs and some totally new, Thanks

  2. erinisselmann April 20, 2012 - Reply

    Thanks Phyllis, so glad you like the blog. I recently updated the blogroll to add some new and kept the tried and true.

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