Building Belief: Marketing’s New Model

by Erin Isselmann, Social Media, Xerox PR

When she isn’t sharing insights on social media, Erin is an avid fan of pop culture and mom who is always learning new ways to juggle.

Christa Carone, Xerox’s CMO recently blogged about her experience as a member of the Arthur Page Society and how their new marketing model has helped to shape the Xerox brand repositioning effort.

I have to admit, this is one of the first marketing models that has captured my attention in a long time.   As a B2B marketer, I look for ways to tie marketing efforts to real world business results.   The idea of forging a shared belief with our customers was not something new to me; what was different was that now we have strong two-way engagement platforms to see this strategy in action every day.  

In previous roles, I have started each day with a least an hour spent on email (mostly internal).   Now, I spend the first part of my day, looking for insights to share with @XeroxCorp’s Twitter followers, then I quickly move to check and see how the latest blog post is doing.   I want to know if people have found the blog interesting enough to share via LinkedIn or Twitter and most importantly I look at the comments on blog posts.   It is wonderful to open a comment and see that a prospect or customer has benefited from our perspective.    

 I bet the changes in my behavior are not all that unique.  Perhaps by focusing on forging a shared belief with our customers, we are freeing ourselves.


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  1. joe murphy May 17, 2012 - Reply

    PrayTell, what is the “new marketing model”? thank you Joe Murphy

    • erinisselmann May 22, 2012 - Reply

      Hi Joe,

      The new marketing model is sometimes called the “Cycle of Advocacy”. Today with the rise of social media, marketing is no longer about “broadcasting” but “forging a shared belief”. Marketers start by making customers/prospects aware of what you offer, then engaging them in a meaningful dialogue about how what you offer can help their business. Once you have a customer the cycle continues, so that as a key partner to your customer you continue to put their business needs at the top of your list and your actions demonstrate this to your customer.

  2. Nithya May 21, 2012 - Reply

    Hi Erin, I happened to stumble into the Xerox Blogs site. I had no idea that Xerox had hosted a blog! Waes I surprised? I was mighty thrilled. With a degree in Marketing, I always wondered why Xerox did so less to gather steam about its achievements? I was brimming with ideas about how Xerox could do so much more to reach out to the millions. I went through the Facebook page and ‘Liked’ it. Great start! I will check the pages out on Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

    Mighty proud to be a part of this Innovation giant. 🙂


    • erinisselmann May 22, 2012 - Reply


      So glad that you enjoy the blog. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Yes, there is always more we can do to get the Xerox story out to the world and it is through employees like you that we will be able to do this.


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