Our Words Equal Our Actions

By Wendi Latko, Director of Sustainable Services, Xerox Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability

Interbrand has announced its 2012 Best Global Green Brands report. And once again we are honored and proud to be part of the list.

Although it’s always exciting to be recognized as an industry leader in any category, sustainability is one in which we take great pride. Even when challenged with changing market conditions and business models, we have never wavered in our commitment to sustainable innovation, and even count ourselves as a pioneer.

And because the report takes a look at both the public perception of our environmental sustainability commitment and actual performance information and data, we are especially proud to see our achievements recognized.  Our accomplishments over the past year include recognition by Newsweek, Information Week and the Dow Jones as a leader in sustainable innovation for our industry.  However, we’re a leader in our industry not because of public acknowledgements but because this is the way we’ve always conducted business.

As a pioneer in environmental sustainability, we created two-sided copying and were on the forefront of print-on-demand, the use of recycled paper in the office, and recycling toner cartridges. Our design of  products for re-use and re-manufacturing has not only kept millions of pounds of materials out of landfills, but remains a benchmark process that others seek out as a best practice .  For over 40 years our words have been consistent with our actions.

With a commitment to being a good corporate citizen, we’re always in pursuit of the triple bottom line: activities that are good for our customers, good for our company and good for the planet.  We believe that for any business priority to be effective and maintainable it must be integrated throughout your business process. Today sustainability is a business fundamental at Xerox, embedded in our operations and technologies, written into supplier specifications, and creating economic value for our customers.

Throughout the lifecycle of all of our offerings – from inception through implementation to end of life, we think about every component and process and their potential effect on the environment. We recognize that the biggest opportunity for us to make an impact is by addressing all aspects of our actions, products and services, looking not only within our four walls, but to our suppliers and customers, as well.

What started as the right thing to do for the environment has truly become part of the way we run our business every day.

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  1. tom edelman July 6, 2012 - Reply

    Xerox’s people have maintained and sustained the commitment to being a great global citizen within the coporate world. The initial beginnings and outstanding achivements by Xerox’s founding fathers, the original pioneers, set a high standard for others to follow.

  2. Wendi Latko July 9, 2012 - Reply

    Thanks for the comment, Tom. We at Xerox are truly privileged that our founders were committed to acting responsibly as corporate citizens, and that commitment is embedded in our culture and still one of our core values today!

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