By, Rich Dobbs, senior managing director for Finance & Accounting, Xerox’s Financial Services Group

It’s always an honor to learn we’ve been placed by Gartner, Inc. in the Leaders Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Comprehensive Finance and Accounting Business Process Outsourcing. This year’s recognition is especially magical because the criteria we were evaluated on – ability to execute and completeness of vision – were largely powered by a dream we share with our customers.

Over the past year, we have been holding “dreaming sessions” with our clients, which are designed to facilitate out of the box thinking which we can then apply to our clients biggest pain points. The Dream Session methodology is an opportunity to identify potential gaps and unmet needs in the marketplace.

In these sessions we are focused entirely on our client’s challenges and collectively dream up the solutions that could mitigate these pain points, but don’t currently exist in the marketplace. If nothing else, this exercise ensures that we are always focused on what matters most to our clients. Execution means nothing if we aren’t executing against the right things and for us that means the issues that are making it difficult for our clients to focus on their core business.

However the true power of these dreams doesn’t end with the client involved in the session. We take the insights we learn to inform our larger vision and approach to the broader marketplace. This means that our solutions are always growing and evolving to the market need. For example we now include document management technologies in our offerings and also strengthened our end-to-end F&A capabilities through new services that enable technology and business analytics.

In an environment where consumers expect access to information right when they need it and customized to their particular preferences, there is no shortage of opportunities to help financial services companies meet this new consumer demand. This is why we will continue to dream with our clients to ensure we keep bringing the magic with our intellectual, scientific and customer care expertise.

Rich Dobbs leads Xerox’s Finance & Accounting business, which includes a global staff of more than 4,500 finance, accounting and procurement professionals. Xerox’s Finance & Accounting organization delivers comprehensive finance, accounting and procurement-related services from more than 14 delivery centers located around the world.