by, Falynne Smith, public relations manager, Developing Markets Operations, Xerox

Located at the foot of the pristine French Alps, Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE) in Grenoble, France, is where some of the company’s brightest minds go to, well…think. It’s a place where seemingly impossible dreams become reality and complex ideas are made into simple solutions.  Watch this video to learn more about how Xerox is making the world a simpler place.


The Gorgeous View from XRCE’s Backyard

When picturing a Xerox research center, visions of engineers building the latest super copier or slickest printing supplies probably come to mind – but it’s actually quite the opposite at XRCE.  Our scientists are developing things like neonatal monitoring tools that measure an infant’s vitals via an overhead camera so their delicate skin doesn’t have to be poked or prodded and technologies that enable fast searches for vehicles involved in criminal activities such as a kidnapping. They’re working on giving computers the gift of sight so you can easily identify the best digital photos for your album and walk up banking kiosks that will allow people to open bank accounts on a street corner.  Xerox truly is changing the lives of ordinary people, in extraordinary ways.





A group of international journalists recently visited XRCE and they were quite surprised to see what goes on inside our European think tank:


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