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By Laurie Riedman, consultant, Xerox Public Relations

Over the past few months there have been many conversations about Xerox and PARC, a Xerox Company, and Xerox’s role in the invention of the Internet, mouse and personal computer.  Maybe I am too close to the business because I’ve been working with Xerox innovators for twenty years, but I’ve never understood folks who point to Xerox as a poster child for not following through when it comes to innovation.

In fact, I feel the opposite.  Especially after viewing last week’s CNET CONVERATIONS  that featured an interview with Sophie Vandebroek, chief technology officer and president of Xerox Innovation Group.  The piece was recorded at famed PARC and I love the excitement host Brian Cooley shared as he walked around the halls and labs with Sophie. As you view the CNET segment here, you’ll get a glimpse of how Xerox innovations are beginning to show up in some unexpected places and how they’re making the world a bit simpler.

Xerox’s trajectory has always been simplifying the way customers work. In the early days we invented xerography which allowed people to share information more easily. Now we’re focused on the next breakthrough in industries that might surprise you.  For example, we’re developing technologies that help cities manage parking and traffic flow, cutting emissions and reducing driver frustration.  We created a technology that feeds information to nurses quickly so they spend less time on administrative work and more time caring for patients. We made a solution to deliver much needed banking services to rural India and other developing nations.

You just never know what our scientists are inventing – we like to keep you guessing, I guess.  Xerox imaging in hospitals…..on the highway …. and in emerging markets.  What’s next?  Let’s keep the innovation conversation going. You just never know where it may take us.


Laurie Riedman is a geek at heart and loves working with Xerox scientists around the globe.  When she isn’t talking to media on behalf of the Xerox Innovation Group, she is cooking and baking up a storm feeding family, neighbors and friends.  

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