Simple Moments…Brought to You by Xerox

By Falynne Smith, manager, Global Social Marketing, Xerox

It’s 5:30 p.m. on a Friday and rush hour traffic is at its peak. You’re approaching a bumper-to-bumper line of tail lights waiting to pay their tolls and cross over into the land of weekend freedom that’s anxiously waiting on the other side. You groan at the sight of the line, but then remember, you have an E-Z Pass! The little gem of an automated toll collection tag that allows you to zip by the other cars and cruise through the specially marked toll without stopping to pay or grab a ticket. You maneuver past the cars, through the booth and away you go. And in that moment, a simple automated toll solution made life a little bit easier.

As the year-end nears, annual enrollment arrives and you’re waiting for your benefits explanation package to come from your employer. You know, the dreaded countless pages of insurance jargon and numbers that’s practically as thick as a JCPenney Christmas catalog. But, you’re in luck! Your state has opted into an online Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) which is similar to a virtual shopping mall and lets members easily compare and select insurance options. No papers, no forms and life just got a little bit easier.

You’re visiting a customer’s office and you’re ready to close a major deal. You attempt to print the contract, but you’re not in your office and your computer isn’t mapped to your client’s printer. Time to turn a shade of crimson and post-pone the meeting? Nope. Your client’s MFPs are mobile print ready. You pull out your smartphone, send your documents to the printer and voilà, the deal is done. Your workday just got a little bit easier.

It’s these simple solutions that often go unnoticed, but make a world of difference in our everyday lives. And, Xerox is behind the scenes making many of them happen. Our services business, among many things, manages toll collections for E-Z Pass and HIX for state governments. True to our roots, we’ve developed a mobile print solution for on-the-go workers to print from their smartphones (maybe a BYOD smartphone these days).

Unexpected from Xerox? Yes. Highly relevant? Absolutely. And just think, the next time you have a simple moment, it just might be brought to you by Xerox.


Falynne is a bride-to-be who enjoys traveling the world, kickboxing, all things social media and hunting for simple moments. Follow her on Twitter at  @Falynnesmith

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