Experts Weigh In: Real Business Advice for SMBs

By Robin Wessel, director, New Business Development, Xerox

I recently had the pleasure of hosting the pilot episode of Xerox’s “Ask the Experts” live Google+ hangout. The episode featured small business expert and best-selling author Melinda Emerson, who answered questions – with a flair only she could bring – from live participants as well as questions submitted prior to the airing.

The replay is below in its entirety, but there are a few standout points I wanted to quickly highlight because I’m confident SMBs can really benefit from them:

  1. Brand yourself – As you’ll hear from Melinda’s story, when she went to sign up for an account on Twitter her actual name was already taken. This is something many people encounter today, but it presents a great opportunity to get creative and develop a brand for yourself. Melinda went with @SmallBizLady, which is pretty fitting.
  2. Shift your mindset – When you’re an entrepreneur versus an employee, you alone are responsible for your paycheck, so you have to identify opportunities and, most importantly, avoid distractions.
  3. Don’t forget the nuts and bolts – As important as social media and digital marketing are, they’re just a few pieces of the puzzle. Don’t forget about the enduring power of print and the ways multifunction devices can help simplify your work. By using MFDs, not only can you produce high-impact marketing materials to promote your business, you can also produce, copy or share important documents, quickly and easily and boost your productivity.

For these and many more real business insights, here’s the full video replay:


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In his role at Xerox, Robin focuses on helping SMBs work smarter and more efficiently. When he’s not hosting Google+ hangouts, he can be found geeking out over the latest gadget.

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