By Falynne Smith, manager, Global Social Marketing, Xerox

Let’s be honest. When you think Xerox, we know you think copiers. There’s certainly no doubt that we’re quite proud of our heritage, but we’re equally proud of who we are today. Xerox today stretches far beyond copiers and offers both the technology and services to simplify the way work gets done.  And by simplifying, we’re not talking about scaling back or dumbing down, we’re making business processes a little easier, so our clients can focus on what really counts – their real business. This video explains it best:

On that note, below are our top 10 most viewed real business blog posts from 2012. From a Texas name that faded into the sunset, to virtual health insurance shopping malls and even a gas pump monster fighting Michelin Man, this year’s posts – albeit a bit unexpected from Xerox – offer a glimpse of how we’re helping our clients do so much more than make copies.

Drum roll please…..

1.)    Xerox Retires ACS Handle: A Texas Name Rides Into the Sunset

2.)    E-discovery: It’s Good to Have Options

3.)   Dreaming with Our Customers is Where the Magic Begins

4.)   Taking Center Court at the US Tennis Open

5.)   Delivering on Promises: Health Insurance Exchanges

6.)   Focus Friday: Write it Down, Seriously Write it Down

7.)   Can Shopping for Healthcare be as Easy as Planning a Trip Online?

8.)   Allowing Seniors to Find Their New Place in Life

9.)   Walking the Talk on Earth Day

10.) What is the Tall, Puffy Michelin Man Doing in a Xerox Ad?

We’re looking forward to the journey ahead in 2013. We hope you’ll continue to visit our blog, follow along and share your thoughts.


Falynne is a bride-to-be who enjoys traveling the world, kickboxing and all things social media. Follow her on Twitter at  @Falynnesmith