By Barbara Basney, vice president, Global Advertising, Xerox

When I say Xerox – can you guess how much of our revenue comes from the business process services we provide customers today?  If you guessed more than half (and I bet most of you didn’t) then you are correct!  In fact, 52 percent of our $23 billion in annual revenue comes from the back office solutions and services we provide companies, governments and municipalities around the world.  What does that mean exactly?   Well…it means that we are behind the scenes helping simplify the way work gets done for customers in areas like Human Resources, F&A, Healthcare,  Customer Care, Public Transportation and Document Management.

Are you surprised that this is what Xerox is all about?  If so, you are not alone, as the majority of people don’t know Xerox is a leading provider of business solutions and services.  The opportunity to convey what today’s Xerox does for customers became the strategic and creative insight for our new  “Made Simple by Xerox” advertising campaign. Watch our new commercials here:

It is bold, fresh and unexpected.  And we tell our story using some big “factoids” that powerfully convey the scale and scope of what we do for our customers.  Such as collecting 37 billion public transit fares annually, handling 1.6 million customer care interactions daily and processingNew Xerox Ad Campaign – Simplicity by the Numbers 900 million health insurance claims every year.   And, there’s more — did you know that we handle $421 billion in accounts payables annually, manage benefits for over 11 million employees and reduce document-related costs by up to 30 percent?   These are some big numbers, and speak to the fact that we have been doing this for a lot of customers and for a long time.

This new  “Made Simple by Xerox” ad campaign debuts today – so check out the Wall Street Journal, and other leading business publications for our print advertisements. And, look for us on network and cable TV programming. If you are on the road and on the run, use your mobile device to check out our new site which provides a deeper level of information about our services capabilities and what we do for customers today.

There are many ways that we’re helping our customers around the world simplify the way work gets done, so they can focus on what really matters. In fact, there are almost too many to count – but for this new advertising campaign, you can see that we did!



When she isn’t  looking after global advertising for one of the world’s most iconic brands, Barbara is known for her love of all things energetic, athletic and organic. Follow her on Twitter @Bbasney