Making Transportation Simple – Faster Toll Payment in Malaysia

By Cees de Wijs, group president, International Transportation and Government Group, Xerox

It’s no secret that the world is moving towards a cashless society. There are many transportation studies pointing towards the growing trend of people preferring to pay with open fare debit cards and even smartphones, rather than the tried and true paper cash alternative. To make sure electronic “cash” transactions are processed efficiently, quickly and without error requires a significant amount of expertise.Making Transportation Simple - Faster Toll Payment in Malaysia

Touch ‘N Go, one of the largest electronic payment system processors for micro payment in Malaysia, recently chose Xerox to help tackle its payment processing and back-end work for its Touch ‘N Go card, which is used for highway tolls, many major public transports, and now parking, theme parks and select retail outlets.

The idea behind the Touch ‘n Go card is simple – make it easier to pay tolls and other transportation services like parking and public transit. How are we easing the burden on commuters and making day-to-day travel in Malaysia a little easier? Xerox is working with Touch n’ Go to modernize the highway toll system in Malaysia by streamlining the processing of their electronic card reader and payment system. The new system will create a unified offering to handle all customer support functions and transaction clearing and settlement for Touch n’ Go card customers, partners and service providers.

Xerox will also help Touch n Go better manage card inventory, reconciliation of payments and help prevent revenue leakage from its 10 million card holders. We will deploy our Vector 4G system which processes over 1.4 billion transactions per year and manages the annual flow of upwards of $4 billion dollars.

Expected to be completed in 2016, this electronic tolling system will provide drivers in Malaysia with an improved driver experience through increased mobility, safety, and convenience, with less traffic congestion and cleaner air.

Government agencies around the world are struggling with the same difficult problem – How to improve transportation services, while facing budget cuts, outdated infrastructure and dealing with growing populations. For more than 40 years, Xerox Transportation Services has worked in more than 35 countries, to help make transportation systems run more efficiently.

The more progress the world makes the more complicated things become – even for simple things like driving, paying a toll and using a payment card. Xerox Transportation is here to help by simplifying the process.


When Cees isn’t solving transportation issues around the world, he’s spending time at home with his family in the Netherlands. He runs half marathons and also holds the first Dan black belt in Judo.

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  1. Baysaa February 16, 2013 - Reply


    I am writing from Mongolia . Our company is official distributor Of Xerox in Mongolia. We are are very interested in your public transportation system solution. Could you send me brochure or information about this system service .
    Thank you and looking forward your reply


  2. Chris Gilligan February 18, 2013 - Reply

    Baysaa –

    I work in PR for our transportation group. Here is a great link to learn more about our international transportation work – It has brochures, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Everything you need to learn more. Let us know if you need more info.

  3. Transport in Auckland March 8, 2013 - Reply

    Malaysia is a big country and have lot of citizen but not have a lot of travel resources as compared to its population. So, develop further travel services for their public transport.

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