By JB Donaldson, vice president, Strategic Card Solutions, Xerox

‘Tis the season – for taxes, that is! About 75 percent of taxpayers are expected to receive refunds this year, according to estimates from the IRS, with the average refund totaling around $3,000. And many taxpayers are anxiously awaiting their returns, earmarking the funds for things they’ve waited for all year – the badly needed new car, home improvements, or perhaps a dream vacation.Tax Refund Debit Cards – Convenient, Secure and Saving Taxpayers Money

This year, many taxpayers in Oklahoma and Virginia will be able to spend their refunds more quickly and easily because they will arrive on MasterCard-branded debit cards. These two states are the first to completely eliminate paper checks for personal tax refunds – sending them only via direct deposit or debit card and making it more convenient than ever for taxpayers to access their refunds.

Once a tax refund card is activated, the taxpayer can use it for making purchases online or at a retail store, just as they could with a regular debit card. The card can also be used to obtain cash from an ATM, a MasterCard bank or at retail locations using the “cash back” option.

The debit card, administered by Xerox, offers features that make it a secure alternative to a paper check. For example, since the card acts just like a bank account with a MasterCard bank, it’s protected by federal and state banking laws. Taxpayers also have a secure means for activating the card, through Xerox’s Go Program. On the site they verify personal identification information, like social security number and date of birth, and create a unique PIN to access the funds on the card.

To top it off, taxpayers will save money when using the tax refund debit cards.  Unlike with paper checks, there are never check-cashing or money-order fees associated with the card, so users can spend their hard-earned dollars the way they want.

Who says tax season is all “bah humbug?” With easy-to-spend refunds, it may be a little bit brighter for residents in Oklahoma and Virginia!

For general information about personal tax refund cards in Virginia and Oklahoma, you can visit You can also visit the Websites specific to Virginia and Oklahoma tax refund card programs.


JB has already decided where she’s going to spend her tax refund this year. 

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