It Takes A Servant’s Heart

By Viktor Reznicek, vice president, Relocation & Assignment Services, Xerox

Xerox Relocation & Assignment Services (RAS) has earned the No. 3 spot in HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen in Relocation.

Why is this important? It Takes A Servant's Heart

The Baker’s Dozen relocation survey rates more than 200 companies that offer relocation management services worldwide. Survey results are based solely on feedback from HR and procurement professionals within companies that utilize these services.

What’s the role of the Relocation Management Company (RMC)?

For employers, employee mobility is about getting the right talent to the right place at the right time and cost…smoothly and efficiently.    For relocating employees, it’s about making one of life’s most significant transitions.  It’s the RMC’s job to orchestrate every aspect of the relocation to ensure harmony from start to finish…finding the right neighborhood, selling/buying a home, moving household goods, getting to the new destination, and settling in successfully.

How do you earn a spot among the Top 3 RMCs?

Earning a Top 3 spot takes more than industry experience and know-how.  It takes a servant’s heart.   A servant’s heart produces experiences like the one of this recently relocated employee:

“Before you called, I was stuck dealing with realtors and inspectors.  You were so incredible at holding my hand through the process.  I’m not sure how we got so lucky as to have you assigned to us!  I simply cannot thank you enough.”

We hire individuals with service in their DNA…individuals who are passionate about customer service.   This is what we screen for when hiring a consultant.  As Charles Nordstrom once put it, “You don’t ‘train’ customer service.  The parents do that.”

Xerox is thrilled with this recognition, but we aren’t settling for Top 3. We are aiming for the top spot in next year’s ranking.   Customer service is what we are passionate about and being recognized by our customers is what matters most.

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  1. Jennifer Wasmer March 28, 2013 - Reply

    “We hire individuals with service in their DNA…individuals who are passionate about customer service.” I transitioned to the US from an overseas assignment last year. Based on the incredible service and support I received from my relocation consultant, I know first-hand how true this statement is! She helped me with every detail and logistic and handed me the tissues when I needed them. She was just AMAZING!!!

  2. Leslie Jefferson April 2, 2013 - Reply

    Congratulations to Viktor and the entire Xerox Relocation and Assignment Services team! I have had the pleasure to work with a large majority of this team as they joined Xerox and we transitioned our Xerox mobility and assignment service operations to them as our new service provider. What a thrill to see this group’s continued success and growth.

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