What Will We Find at TEDMED 2013?

By John Lynn, founder, Healthcare Scene

This post originally appeared on EMR and HIPAA

Despite my vow to travel less after the back to back HIMSS-SXSW journey, next week I’ll be spending a week in DC at the famous TEDMED conference. I was invited to attend TEDMED as a guest of Xerox and I honestly couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be part of what I hear is a really valuable and special experience.

Many might wonder why Xerox is so involved in TEDMED. Despite Xerox’s amazing branding as a copier company, Xerox has a very large presence in healthcare. Take a look at a few of these Xerox numbers:

  • 900+ Million healthcare claims processed per year
  • 22+ Thousand employees dedicated to healthcare
  • 1700+ Hospitals Served
  • 36 Million people served by government health services
  • 100 percent of the top ten BCBS organizations are clients
  • 2/3 of U.S. insured patients are touched by Xerox services

With that type of healthcare portfolio, my only surprise is that we haven’t talked about Xerox in healthcare a lot more. As I’ve learned more about Xerox’s work in healthcare, I absolutely love their approach of trying to simplify healthcare. I’m hopeful to see many talks around this at TEDMED since far too many things in healthcare have been made too complicated.

It will be nice to attend TEDMED where I have zero meetings set up and plan to just experience the event as it was intended. A quick look at the TEDMED schedule and speakers shows an amazing variety of speakers across the spectrum of healthcare. Trying to pick out one speaker or session that excites me most would be like trying to name a favorite movie or book. I expect that the most powerful thing won’t be an individual talk, but the experience as a whole.

If you’re planning to attend TEDMED, I always love to meet readers of my site. So, come up and say Hi. For those following back at home, I’ll be live tweeting from the event using the #SimpleHealth hashtag and will no doubt be doing a number of blog posts about the experience and things I learn.

If you’ve never heard of TEDMED, check out a couple TEDMED 2012 talks that I enjoyed:

Ali Ansary on So technology is a crutch…you got a problem with that?

David Blaine on Why will I talk for only 17min 4.4 seconds?

Read more coverage from TEDMED from Xerox on the Real Business at Xerox blog and follow @XeroxHealthcare.


John Lynn is the founder of the nationally renowned blog network Healthcare Scene, which consists of 15 blogs that have been viewed more than 10 million times.  Follow John on Twitter at @techguy and @ehrandhit.


John Lynn filed this content as a paid contributor to Xerox. The content is the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of Xerox.

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