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By Heather Haugen, Ph.D, corporate vice president, Research, The Breakaway Group, A Xerox Company

The most professionally energizing day of the year for me is tomorrow. At The Breakaway Group’s annual Healthcare Forum, I can honestly say that I am electrified, inspired and challenged by the discussions that take place among the healthcare leaders who come together for the event. We don’t gather to entertain or pitch ideas. We congregate to create an open dialogue, form new ideas and simply problem-solve.

That’s why we’re making a change this year and hosting The Healthcare Forum at TEDMED. TEDMED is a hotbed for big thinkers and discussions about the future of healthcare – making it an ideal gathering place for our passionate healthcare IT leaders. In fact, last year, the CEO of TEDMED, Jose Suarez, attended the Healthcare Forum. In the video below, he comments about the conversations and good thinking that took place at the event – including the lessons around discipline and creativity from one of our most engaging speakers, Jim Collins.

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This year, we’ll kick off the event with the return of Collins in order to continue the momentum. Jim is expecting to open the dialog by asking 12 key questions for any leadership team. For example, “What core values and enduring purpose will we build our culture for 100 years?” I recall last year Jim saying, “A lot is changing in healthcare. In the end, you have to have some anchor points that you will never abandon no matter what changes in the world. What core values will we never compromise?”

Jim’s advice resonated with me – when you think about breaking down barriers to adopting new technologies like electronic health records, the culture of the organization is one of the most important factors in achieving adoption of the technology and ultimately improved quality of care. Organizations with engaged leaders who make education relevant and develop sustainable processes for adoption are most likely to succeed.

Stay tuned for updates from The Healthcare Forum – I hope you’ll be as energized as I am by the conversations. You’ll be able to follow updates live on @ServicesatXerox, @XeroxHealthcare, @techguy and @ehrandhit, and a recap of the event will be shared here later this week.

Dr. Heather Haugen has more than 18 years of research experience in both the academic and private sectors. Her research experience spans strategies to increase EMR adoption, barriers to physician adopting new technology, effective RIS/PACS education and the development of telehealth programs for disease prevention and chronic disease management. Haugen is the author of two books: Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for Lasting EMR Adoption and Beyond Coding: How ICD-10 will Transform Clinical Documentation.


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