Spring Cleaning For The Office, Home, And Home Office: Don’t Miss These 5 Simple Things

By Kate Dobbertin Bernola, manager, Global Social Marketing, Xerox

May is here, which means for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, it’s time for spring cleaning!  Once you’re through with the mop and bucket, turn your attention to these other areas that may be in need of a little dusting.

  1. Your social media sites:  Have you added your latest job role to LinkedIn?  Was your Facebook profile picture taken in the past two years?  Does your Twitter* bio reflect your current interests?  Read through your basic info for your personal sites and also your company’s pages.  Chances are, you’ll have a “Wow, bubble tea used to be one of my top five favorite things?” moment.Spring Cleaning for the Office, Home, and Home Office: Don’t Miss These 5 Simple Things
  2. Your webpage:  You may be surprised at how quickly your webpage has become outdated.  It’s a meticulous task, but a necessary one – have someone comb your site, page-by-page, to check for broken links and old references.
  3. Your devices:  Delete old photos, contacts, files, and apps to free up space on your laptop, tablet, and smartphone.  (Here’s a quick how-to.)  While you’re at it, give the outside a good polish.
  4. Your routine:  Could your workflow be more efficient?  Should you add a morning planning period or end a call that no longer adds value?  Take a moment to reevaluate your daily schedule at work and at home.  You’ll be surprised at what you can cut out – or what is missing.
  5. Your budget:  What’s changed in the past few months?  Perhaps you didn’t realize quite how out-of-control that latte habit as become, or you’ve forgotten about those five online magazine subscriptions you never read.  On the other end of the scale, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones with excess cash chilling in a bank account that could be moved into a more lucrative investment.  A quick audit can help to determine where your hard-earned money is going and how you might be using it better.

These tasks won’t take very long to complete, but they will simplify your business and your life.  Like my mother always said after I cleaned my room, “Now, don’t you feel so much better?  Go outside and play!”  (Side note:  my mom is currently laughing at the notion that I ever cleaned my room as a child.)


This post was inspired by Managed Print Services and Spring Cleaning Advice for Governments.

*Updated November 21, 2017.

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