Harnessing The Data Makes Federal Sense

By Anand Das, chief technology officer, Federal Solutions, Xerox

Data is a part of our daily lives. From our work commute and lunch break to our email management, our routines are filled with data. When that data is analyzed it can provide relevant insights about our productivity, time management, stress levels and much more.Harnessing The Data Makes Federal Sense

In short, analytics give data meaning. And for companies and government bodies alike this meaning can be used to improve performance, identify cost savings and create efficiencies – letting employers and their employees focus on what really matters.

The Federal government – like most businesses today – is interested in leveraging its massive amounts of data and is investing millions of dollars annually on the insights that can be gleaned from it. What makes the analysis difficult for the federal government is the three ‘V’s: the volume, the velocity with which the data arrives, and the variety of data. In fact, many of the new types of data – blogs, social media, videos and GPS – are unstructured, making it difficult for existing analytics solutions to handle. At Xerox, we are tackling the challenge head on by harnessing this data through predictive analytics and business intelligence.

This week at FOSE 2013 in Washington, D.C., my colleagues and I will help federal decision makers examine the hidden treasure of new insights and opportunities that lie  beneath unstructured and seemingly non-related data. We will also discuss strategies for promoting transparency and improving financial management at federal agencies.

I’m looking forward to engaging with government thought leaders and continuing to understand their challenges. If you’ll be in attendance reach out and we’ll connect.


Click here for more detailed information about Xerox’s FOSE 2013 sessions – “Promoting Transparency and Improving Financial Management Using Predictive Analytics and Social Analytics” and “Provider based Federal HealthCare Practical & Actionable Medical Surveillance – Improving Care Proactively with Analytics.”  


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