Can Information Really Improve Patient Care?

By Tom Simas, managing director, Midas+, A Xerox Company

No it cannot.

Unstructured information alone won’t—and can’t–improve patient care. Alone, it’s nothing more than unrelated bits and bytes. When pulled together—pooled together—data become a flowing life force that builds the vigor and strength of a healthcare organization.

That vigor translates to improved patient care. That’s our message at Midas+—and at our upcoming annual symposium. This week, we host nearly 400 of our clients and partners.

As the nation’s largest quality outcomes software, we provide workflow analytics to over 1,500 hospitals transforming their unstructured data into relevant and useful information. So what does that mean? We help hospitals combine lots of different data on things like demographics, lab test results, prescription usage, medication administration, patient vital signs to make sure that caregivers use the best procedures for a particular diagnosis. We also have comparative data that allows a hospital to compare its results to other hospitals in its region or nationally.  All this information helps hospitals deliver the best care for the patient and the lowest cost.

It’s a gathering of minds and hearts that are hungry for best practices and in-depth knowledge. We talk outcomes, performance indicators, how to succeed as a patient-care provider. We delve into the growing regulatory impact on all our jobs. And most importantly, clients come together, exchange ideas and learn. This week’s gathering fulfills the mission to breed the best of America’s hospitals equipped for today and tomorrow.

Let’s talk reimbursement changes. Gone are the days of getting paid for a procedure. Now outcomes and performance drive income. That income drives sustainability. So at Midas+, we make sure data silos are scrapped. The data become like neighbors, talking and gathering together while pursuing community excellence. The data are analyzed, hospital performance is measured. Your data are compared with one-third of America’s hospitals where Midas+ is used —and their performance. We dig into length of stay, mortality, likelihood that a patient will need to be readmitted in the future for further care and more than 3,000 additional, key performance metrics. Now you can prove excellence, which yields improved revenue and quality care.

Our symposium is a reflection of the Midas+ community. We think, share, talk and pursue what’s best. With analytics. With clients. Yet, that’s not the point.

The point is to improve America’s healthcare system–to make sure healthcare organizations thrive. It’s about ensuring that your child, your parents—your community—receive care that’s timely, cost effective and top-notch quality.

That’s what you care about. Us too.

To learn more about what our clients think about Midas, watch this video:

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