Saluting Greatness: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Diversity

The King Center’s “Salute to Greatness Award” cites Xerox for commitment to social responsibility.

By Gregory Pings, manager, Content Marketing, Xerox

Diversity is the great multiplier.

It is not about the number of people who are working on a problem; rather, it’s about the different kinds of insight that each person contributes, thus improving the group’s collective wisdom and effectiveness.

We are stronger and more effective when we are together than when we’re apart. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., knew this. It’s what he preached and it’s what he lived.

 It is for this reason that Xerox people gratefully receive The King Center’s “Salute to Greatness Award.” One of The King Center’s highest awards, Salute to Greatness recognizes individuals and organizations that “exemplify excellence in leadership and a commitment to social responsibility in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr.”

“All of us at Xerox are humbled to be associated with Dr. King’s legacy,” Xerox CEO Ursula Burns said in a video statement. “It authenticates our company’s efforts to foster the beliefs and values that would make Dr. King proud.

“But, our work – your work – is not done,” Ursula added. “Today, as I travel around the globe meeting with people of all races and colors, The King Center’s vision couldn’t be more relevant for a hungry and troubled world. We all have an obligation to humankind — a shared responsibility to give back more than we take — and to make the world a better place for everyone.”

Indeed, this good work is not finished. Good solutions can only come about when more people bring forward their diverse experiences, talent and passion. For this reason, we congratulate our co-honorees, and we thank them for their great work to promote the cause of humanity.

  •  Muhammad Ali also received a Salute award for his humanitarian work.
  • Ms. Khalida Brohi, a Pakistani women’s rights activist and founder and director of Sughar, received the annual Coretta Scott King A.N.G.E.L. Awards (Advancing Nonviolence through Generations of Exceptional Leadership).
  • One Billion Rising Campaign, a global movement to end violence against women and girls, was also recognized with an A.N.G.E.L. Award. Tony award-winning playwright and Founder of VDay, Ms. Eve Ensler, accepted.

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