Xerox Is Simplifying Your Life…Who Knew?

Latest Xerox TV commercials show how Xerox is part your daily life in unexpected ways.  

By Barbara Basney, vice president, Global Advertising and Media, Xerox

When I say “Xerox” I know what you are thinking – and it is all about printing. Right? Of course, because you think of Xerox as the company that invented copiers.

So you may be surprised to know that today, Xerox printing technology represents less than half of our $21.4 billion of  annual revenue.   A growing 55 percent of our revenue comes from the business process services we provide to companies and governments around the world  that touch your life every day, in unexpected ways.

Xerox - Simple HealthIt was this perceptual insight that provided the creative inspiration for the TV commercials in our latest campaign.  Each commercial starts by addressing the “head-on” the legacy perception of Xerox, and uses that as a springboard to tell the unexpected story of how  Xerox simplifies your life.

Here’s what our latest commercial reveals:

  • Have you gone through an electronic toll collection system to pay a road toll?  Nearly $5 billion a year in electronic tolls are collected by Xerox on behalf of states.
  • Have you been to a hospital that uses Electronic Health Records?   Xerox supports hospitals that use EHRs for than 30 million patients and growing.
  • Do you use a smart phone to access your email?  If so, you may be one of more than 20 million smart phone users that Xerox software helps by remotely configuring their email.

Another TV spot showcases:

  • Taken a bus, train or subway lately?   Xerox collects 37 billion transit fares a year around the world.
  • Have you received a health insurance claim statement lately?  Xerox processes claims for two out of every three insured Americans.
  • Did you need help from customer service for something? Purchase an airline ticket or get technical support?  Well then, chances are that you actually contacted Xerox. We handle 1.6 million customer interactions on behalf of our customer companies.

And, we are also behind the scenes helping companies with their back-office operations like:

  • Human Resources Benefits Administration: — We manage benefits for over 11 million employees. Maybe your company uses Xerox.
  • Document Management:  We can reduce company costs by up to 30 percent.
  • Finance and Accounting – We handle $421 billion annually in Accounts Payables for our clients.

This is the latest in the ever-evolving story about today’s Xerox – brought to life in our advertising.   So, now when I say “Xerox,” what are you thinking?

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