What Did They Say About simple@work?

Here’s how executives from a diverse set of industries learned how to answer the question: ‘Are my business processes working or winning?’

Curated by James Mignano, Xerox contributor

“Xerox’s technology business will fuel the services push.”- Kathy Mikells, CFO, Xerox

On March 18 and 19, more than  700 people from different professional backgrounds converged at Cipriani’s on Wall Street in New York City for Xerox’s simple@work.  The one thing they had in common: Figure out how to move their business processes from ‘working’ to ‘winning.’

Here’s an overview of what attendees heard  and how it was reported in the press:

  • Executives from the financial sector saw a demonstration of the Safe Courier app, recently released for iOS and Android. The tool simplifies the mobile banking experience by allowing users to send and receive sensitive financial documents like student-loan applications, health insurance claim forms, money-transfer requests and tax documents. The app is needed for transmitting sensitive information because data is deleted from a mobile device as soon as it is sent via private cloud.
  • Healthcare executives discussed how to make patients a part of the conversation. Patients who take control of their own healthcare are  more empowered to be part of the process. Ultimately, looking at the patient-doctor relationship as a partnership will improve public health.
  • Senior managers from human resources joined us, too. Among the things they were able to take away from the conference was how they can use gamification in order to keep employees happy and healthy. This could be as easy as creating team competitions or using an online game to teach wellness principles.
  • Channel partners joined us to learn about our new global partner program  which helps them  manage their customers’ entire infrastructure – including service, security and supplies. And graphic communications  executives got a look at how Bucknell University increased donations through a direct mail campaign that combined email and print.

It might surprise you that Xerox has customers from this diverse group of industries – and there’s more.  As our chief financial officer Kathryn Mikells told TheStreet.com, we’re beyond the services tipping point, with more than  55 percent of our total revenue coming from services. The new Xerox is, according to a Gartner blog, “much more than a digital printer and press manufacturer.” The blog noted non-traditional technologies that have come out of our research and development  labs, including a cutting-edge automobile parking management solution that allows Los Angeles to generate millions of dollars while reducing traffic congestion.

The best news is that there is still time to register for the virtual simple@work event. As an attendee, you will have access to presentations by our CEO Ursula Burns, Sir Ken Robinson, Jay Baer, Anders Sorman-Nilsson, and more.

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