The World Is Our Laboratory: Xerox Researchers Talk Transportation

By Laurie Riedman, consultant to Xerox

Xerox researchers are inside hospitals, on highways and in third-grade classrooms.  They were also in a sound proof studio at WXXI –a Rochester (N.Y.) public radio station — as guests for the Innovation Friday Connections show.

“Our world is our laboratory and our research is now being conducted on highways, in parking lots and with partners such as University of Michigan Transportation Institute (UMTRI), “said Ken Mihalyov, chief innovation officer, Transportation, Central and Local Government Services Sector, Xerox.

Paul-MihalyovWXXI (1)
Xerox researchers Peter Paul (left) and Ken Mihalyov at WXXI’s studio in Rochester, N.Y.

Ken, and fellow researcher Peter Paul, discussed Xerox research that addresses congestion and safety on the roadways, and offered some insight into how driverless cars might affect our future.  (Listen to the 30-minute show here.)

“For example,” Ken added, “we are beginning a partnership with University of Michigan where we will  test drive some of our smart parking, urban informatics, computer vision and data analytics expertise to test advanced transportation concepts including the safety of driverless cars.”

WXXI Connections, a daily radio show, features topics that affect the local community.  Each Friday, the show is dedicated to innovation.   Xerox was contacted to provide expert insight  transportation news we’ve shared, including the recently announced product called the Xerox  Vehicle Passenger Detection System (XVPDS) that helps enforce HOV/HOT lanes,  as well as our partnerships with University of Michigan and NYU Center for Urban Science & Progress (CUSP).

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