By Patti Quinn, Technology Public Relations

Today’s digital world impacts all industries.

For instance: How can C-level executives use critical data about customers, products, services and processes in order to help their companies offer products and services their customers want?  Or, how does print find its place among today’s technologies?

In order to address these issues and other trending matters, Xerox has harnessed the perspective of respected experts to discuss topics that are critical to the marketplace.  To date, the “Ask the Experts” series – a set of brief, shareable conversations on Google+ Hangouts – has covered a range of issues, including:

Unlock Information in Your Organization

Unlocking the potential of information was discussed by Don Dixon, senior vice president of Global Document Outsourcing at Xerox, along with featured guests, Louella Fernandes, associate director and analyst,  Quocirca  and Michael Krigsman, co-founder of CxOTalk.

Innovation in Healthcare Technology

A follow-up to trending discussions at TEDMED, John Lynn, blogger and founder of the nationally renowned blog network Healthcare Scene, and Markus Fromherz, chief innovation officer of Xerox Healthcare Solutions, debated the importance of healthcare technology innovation, and whether it improves patient care.

Challenges and Issues for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB)

Hosted by Xerox vice president of Strategy, Robin Wessel, and SMB expert and New York Times best-selling author, Melinda Emerson, participants discussed the issues and challenges facing small businesses.

Enduring Power of Print

Graphic communications experts discuss the power of print within the graphic design and creative community. Hosted by Shell Haffner, former Worldwide Product Manager for Xerox, and Gordon Kaye, editor and publisher of Graphic Design USA magazine.

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