Xerox R&D Chief Says It Pays To Dream with Customers

By Laurie Riedman

It’s  important to dream with your customers, because it ensures your innovation process is customer-centric. Our dreaming sessions pay off because, when w our most innovative minds get together with our customers, some of our most promising ideas quickly turn into new services.

That’s the view of Sophie Vandebroek, Xerox chief technology officer who is responsible for keeping the Xerox innovation heritage alive. She made that point (and others) during a recent  visit to  Innosight, a leading consulting organization co-founded by innovation thought-leader and Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christenson. Sophie chatted with Evan Schwartz, Innosights director of storytelling (love that title!), about Xerox’s commitment to innovation, and how it helps us transform into a services company.

Read the Innosight interview and learn how our customers helped us define new services that make healthcare better.

New Healthcare Services Are Born

Sophie mentioned how dreaming sessions have birthed new healthcare services in telemedicine — such as remote healthcare sensing (see video below), and our partnership with HealthSpot. She also discussed how ethnography (the scientific study of how people act in the real world)  has allowed our researchers to go deeper with our customers, and ultimately discover the real value new innovations can offer. Example: New medical support services that are now available  on our Juvo Care Performance mobile platform.

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According to Innosight,  being customer-centric is a winning strategy. What better way to do that than to let some of our best thinkers imagine future products and services that get right at the challenges our customers face in their businesses?

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