By Gregory Pings, manager for Content Marketing at Xerox

More than seeing patterns in the way citizens use buses and trains, mass transit managers need insight that helps them understand what to do next. The magic of all this data happens when they can use it to understand whether adjustments to a transit network will match their riders’ needs better.

These insights are possible with the Xerox Mobility Analytics Platform. This 90-second video describes how we can analyze data from transit tickets. The results help us understand how adjustments to a transit network can yield a better match with their riders’ needs, anticipate the impact of route changes, and make public transport the preferred choice of travel.

On the private sector side, car park managers use our solution to make smart decisions about pricing options or the availability of entry and exit lanes. They can even make long-term predictions on capacity that will impact the types of service they offer.

Mass transit and parking are key features (and pain points) of urban living. Smart decisions from data analytics can help us move through our cities more efficiently, and make them a bit more pleasant to get around in.

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