Xerox: The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare

By Tamara StClaire, chief innovation officer, Xerox Commercial Healthcare

Tamara St. Claire, chief innovation officer, Commercial Healthcare for Xerox
“We are working … to create a new front door to healthcare.” — Tamara StClaire, chief innovation officer, Commercial Healthcare for Xerox

For years, we have joked that Xerox is the best kept secret in healthcare. For instance, some of you may not know that we:

  • Are a $3 billion healthcare company.
  • Have more than 40 years of experience across the entire healthcare ecosystem including payer, provider, pharmacy, government and employer health.
  • Employ 25,000 people dedicated to meeting government and commercial healthcare client needs.

At the recent Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) event, I spoke with Pat Salber, MD, MBA of The Doctor Weighs In, to shine some light on one of our most recent initiatives – a partnership with telemedicine pioneer HealthSpot. She also interviews HealthSpot founder and CEO Steve Cashman in this video.

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HealthSpot, Powered by Xerox

HealthSpot will place kiosks in retail pharmacies that allow patients to interact privately with nationally recognized doctors. These visits take only 15 minutes.

At the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) tradeshow earlier this month, HealthSpot announced the latest upgrade to its software, which uses Xerox’s healthcare IT infrastructure. As the exclusive business process outsourcing provider, we handle cloud hosting, integration of electronic health records, and claims eligibility and submission on behalf of HealthSpot.

Ultimately, we are working together to create a new front door to healthcare.

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  1. Susan Unger June 3, 2015 - Reply

    I suggest they place them in schools and colleges. Just think, what a “selling point” for a school district for it to say to parents that they have real-time tele-doctor care on-site at every school!

    • Tamara StClaire June 4, 2015 - Reply

      Thanks for reading, Susan! I don’t think it will be long before we start seeing healthcare delivered far outside of the traditional care setting. A number of larger businesses have piloted HealthSpot’s kiosk, and I agree that schools and colleges are a great next step!

      • Philip Hite April 14, 2016 - Reply


        mPulse Mobile is breaking new ground using mobile technology to facilitate patient activation and engagement that is elevating the CMS landscape and paving the way for more successful outcomes.

        A look at the Xerox Pop Health Platform solution unveiled at HIMSS16 shows an opportunity for mPulse to partner with Xerox to enhance your client’s experience and solution adoption.

  2. Alan January 18, 2016 - Reply

    ‘Twas a good idea to partner with Healthspot for more convinient healthcare. Is Xerox still investing in healthcare kiosks?

    • Gregory Pings January 19, 2016 - Reply

      Alan: Tamara StClaire provides this update:

      “We are disappointed to hear HealthSpot’s news. However, the Health IT solution and services that Xerox built to power the HealthSpot kiosk can be leveraged for other telehealth platforms. We remain committed to supplying a suite of telehealth services powered by Xerox infrastructure to the industry and will continue to work with startups and small companies to openly innovate and collaborate on new ideas for products and services that benefit consumers and deliver on our vision of anywhere care.”

  3. Alan January 19, 2016 - Reply

    If someone would like to submit a great idea/product similar to pitch to Ms. StClaire/ Xerox, how should they do that?

    • Gregory Pings January 20, 2016 - Reply

      Alan: Please use this forum to submit your idea. The blog will send me an email alert that includes your comment, and I will forward that to Dr. StClaire. Don’t worry, all comments must be approved by me before they are published, so you don’t have to worry about giving your idea away to our larger audience.Best regards, Greg

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