Value-Based Healthcare Puts Population Health Front and Center

By Tamara StClaire, chief innovation officer, Xerox Commercial Healthcare

Population health management is becoming more of a widely discussed topic as healthcare continues to evolve and shift to a value-based system. At our Midas+ Symposium in May, we asked 35 C-level healthcare executives what they thought about population health management. We found they are generally optimistic about the progress their organizations can make, despite a number of opportunities for improvement.

Last week, I was able to get a different perspective by hosting the monthly #HITchicks chat on Twitter. The relatively tight-knit group of individuals did not hold back any of their thoughts on the topic. Below are some of the main takeaways from the discussion on population health management.

Population Health Management generally involves identifying and understanding specific populations and taking steps to improve their health.

It’s a hot topic in healthcare right now.

“Population Health Management” will eventually become “healthcare.”

Patients in a post-population health management world will be empowered and well-informed.

For a more comprehensive recap of the chat, check out Jennifer Dennard’s Storify curation.

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