Xerox Healthcare Wins Big with Telehealth Innovation

By Denise Fletcher,  chief innovation officer for Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences at XeroxBest New Venture award

Xerox is built on innovation. It’s in our DNA. But innovation is really only innovation if it creates value for the customer and the end-user.

That’s the view of my colleague Sophie Vandebroek, Xerox chief technology officer and president of the Xerox Innovation Group. She recently sat down with futurist Jacob Morgan to discuss the importance of innovation and the unique approach Xerox takes to it: From hiring a team of ethnographers who study how people interact with technology, to holding dreaming sessions with our customers.

The fast pace of innovation is obvious , especially in the healthcare industry. While many new products and services are spearheaded by single startups with small teams, others come from large companies (like Xerox) that work with small companies. This kind of open innovation and collaboration gives us great ideas for products and services. It also helps us identify great companies for potential partnerships.

Last year, we made an investment in HealthSpot, a telemedicine platform, accessed via a kiosk.  We partnered with a startup (Pokitdok) to create an end-to-end solution for telemedicine “Powered by Xerox” that can be integrated into kiosk telemedicine (like HealthSpot), or used by health systems for their telemedicine solutions.  We provide easy access to the often unwieldy processes that underpins the healthcare system—like appointment scheduling, claims eligibility and submissions, and even integration with electronic health records—all through one secure platform.

We’re exceedingly proud to announce that this innovation has landed us the Best New Venture award from the 2015 Corporate Entrepreneur Awards. Now in its sixth year, the awards celebrate innovation within big businesses. The panel of judges lauded the venture as “an idea whose time has come.”

This investment in telehealth is a win for today’s healthcare consumer, because it brings a complete end-to-end solution to the market. It’s also a reminder of why we maintain a spirit of collaboration within innovation.

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