Xerox CTO ‘Hangs Out’ on Google to Support STEM

By Suzette Norris

Dr. Sophie Vandebroek
Dr. Sophie Vandebroek, chief technology officer for Xerox

Xerox leaders are not the only ones concerned about education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) topics in the U.S. Their unease is shared by many companies, non-profits, government agencies and more. That’s where an organization like STEMconnector help.

Chief technology officer Dr. Sophie Vandebroek will join other innovation and technology leaders in a December 8 Google Hangout hosted by STEMconnector. The event will run from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST. It will feature short presentations about STEM careers, with a focus on IT and technology. Hundreds of professionals and experts interested in STEM are expected to watch the Hangout live.

STEMconnector is a consortium of companies, nonprofit associations and professional societies, STEM-related research & policy organizations, government entities, universities and academic institutions concerned with STEM education and the future of human capital in the United States. It recently featured Dr. Vandebroek in its list of 100 CIO/CTO Leaders in STEM. STEMconnector organized the Hangout as part of Computer Science Education Week, which aims to inspire students from kindergarten to grade 12 to take an interest in computer science.

Click here to register so that you may view this event live.

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