Look Who’s No. 1 in Business Process Services

By Sue Watts

Sue Watts
“[Everest Group’s ranking] is a clear acknowledgement of our leadership position in this industry.” – Sue Watts, chief operating officer for Xerox Capabilities
I’m willing to wager that few – if any – families will discuss the services Xerox offers during their holiday gatherings. Ironically though, I would most likely win a bet if we determine that these same people are touched by some of our services before 2016 rolls around.

If anyone contacts a leading telecom provider to arrange for service for their new smartphone, odds are you will be talking to us.

If you pack up your car to travel to friends or relatives and pass through a network of toll ways in the United States, you’ll be assisted by our services. Similarly, if you take public transportation throughout parts of Europe, we’re behind the scenes.

Since we focus on helping global corporations serve their customers, and governments meet the demands of their constituents, we don’t expect to be part of the dinner table discussion as someone passes the dessert tray. But we do expect to be part of the conversation when leading analysts begin their annual rankings.

No. 1 in Business Process Services

Everest Group, one of the world’s leading consulting and research firms focused on business services, recently unveiled their top 50 business process services providers and Xerox was ranked number one.  While the ranking is loosely based on revenue and revenue growth of each company, it is a clear acknowledgement of our leadership position in this industry, which permeates the entire business process value chain and addresses a wide variety of businesses. This means we touch a lot of lives every day.

Everest Group estimates that there are more than 200 service providers that take in more than $50 billion annually in revenues from business process services (BPS) around the globe. Some of these players are the specialists that focus only on specific services like finance & accounting services or human resources outsourcing. The other players, including companies like Xerox, provide a set of services to a broad range of companies. And Everest doesn’t even try to gauge the smaller, niche BPS providers who have revenue less than the $50 million threshold.

Few companies have Xerox’s capabilities and expertise.  And there are fewer reference points that aid BPS providers in comparing themselves against their competitors. But the Everest’s Top 50 ranking cuts across offerings that any company or government can use – from customer care to document management to litigation services – and it also touches on industry-specific services that are unique to a given sector, like the work we do in healthcare or financial services.

Since our earliest days, Xerox has helped the work get done, and we’ve been focused on improving the flow of work ever since. That has been a hallmark of Xerox and I expect we’ll continue to be in the vanguard of change – even if our relatives don’t want to hear about it around the dinner table.

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    It doesn’t appear to be assisting with the revenues or margins though given the latest financials…?

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