Here’s What’s Wrong with Health Insurance

By Gregory Pings, manager of content marketing for Xerox

David Rauch
David Rauch, lead for Payer Offerings for Xerox Commercial Healthcare.

Ask 10 people what’s wrong with health insurance in the United States, and you’ll get an earful of complaints — and some insight.

Ask David Rauch the same question, and he’ll tell you that health insurance companies must be more consumer-friendly – particularly during open enrollment. David, who is a lead for Payer Offerings in Xerox’s Commercial Healthcare group, says most consumers don’t have enough useful information in order to make informed decisions about the type of health coverage they will need. The result: Consumers risk overpaying for coverage they don’t need, or under-paying for a coverage that won’t meet their needs.

Either way, it makes for a poor customer experience. MedCityNews has David’s insights and recommendations in “Xerox: Health insurers need to be more consumer-friendly.”

So, now that health insurers understand that their customers (and potential customers) need help, what can they do about it?

For starters, David suggests insurers turn to personalized, proactive messages for open enrollment. Traditional tools like questionnaires and calculators are a good start to help consumers predict their healthcare costs, but these tools don’t provide enough information. Data on individual users as well as the general population can help insurers refine the options on their plans. This is a positive step to improvement, so long as insurers provide information that their customers can understand.

David explains his ideas on the pre- and post-enrollment customer experience in Managed Healthcare Executive. Read “What health plans should do during open enrollment season.”

Xerox’s Commercial Healthcare group has more than 8,000 dedicated payer agents handling health plan customer care, and processes more than one billion claims annually – serving two-thirds of all insured Americans. For more information about Xerox Healthcare Payer Services, please visit:

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