Barbara Basney, Vice President Global Brand, Advertising and Media

As of 11:59 PM ET on December 31, Xerox began a new chapter as an $11 billion Fortune 500 company that is purely focused on how we help the world communicate and work in ways that essentially sets the page free.

But this is not a new idea. If you think back, Xerox has always been about ways to set the page free. It started with the invention of the 914 that automated the task of duplication, essentially freeing the page from a slow and laborious reproduction process. Today, Xerox is still innovating with digital technology, software and apps that improve communications and enhance working in new and unexpected ways.

So we are introducing “Set the Page Free” as our new and powerful communications platform. It is a nod to our heritage, reflects our present and embraces our future. It provides a clear focus for Xerox’s marketing and communications activation, and a lens through which we convey the essence of the value that Xerox has always provided in the world.

“Page” transcends both the printed and digital page in all forms. “Free” is about liberating communication, helping it flow freely, making it more productive and timely, and of greater value. It encompasses how Xerox is automating workflow, security, personalization, analytics, mobile and imaging. It embraces breakthrough technologies like printed electronics, intelligent packaging and direct-to-object printing. It also reflects a point of view that is especially relevant in today’s working world as everyone is inundated with a plethora of ways to communicate, connect and share. Solutions that are easier, better, faster and more productive are needed – and that is precisely what Xerox is all about.

What better way to introduce how Xerox sets the page free than through the lens of Xerox’s famous and beloved Super Bowl commercial — Brother Dominic. Of course, how Brother Dominic sets the page free has come a long way in the past 40 years. Today, he needs to not only make 500 copies of his manuscript, but he also must translate it into 35 languages, add personalization and then share with colleagues across the seven continents. He even prints it directly onto coffee mugs! Not a small task – but with the power of Xerox behind him, Brother Dominic is again up for the challenge, and he once again performs what his boss, the Abbot, considers “a miracle.”

You can look for our friend Brother Dominic on TV networks such as CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg & Fox Business, as well as on Connected TV’s and in airports. It will also be featured on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as in digital media including Fortune, Quartz, Bloomberg and BusinessInsider.

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Cheers to the New Year and setting the page free – whatever your page may be!

*Updated on November 17, 2017.