ICYMI: ConnectKey launch will change how we work (again)

By Gregory Pings, manager for Content Marketing at Xerox

ConnectKey is the biggest launch in the 110-year history of Xerox.

“Biggest” in terms of the number of products that we will release over the next for months, but also “biggest” in terms of how they will change the fundamental nature of the connected workplace. Yes, this from the company that introduced the world’s first plain-paper, fully automatic copier (1959). And the personal computer (1973). And laser printing 1977). The list goes on, but that’s not my point.

Xerox has never stood still, and Xerox people have never rested on their considerable laurels. The point being, there’s always opportunity for another fundamental change in how we work.

Here’s a round-up of what we’re saying about ConnectKey, as well what others have to say. Taken together, these links should give you a good idea of just how big a change is coming to offices small to large.

Brian Moran talks with Kevin Warren, president of the Xerox Commercial Excellence group. In the video above, Kevin points out that ConnectKey’s consistency throughout the product line provides a constant user experience among all of the machines regardless of size. He also points out that channel partners will find training and service support will be simplified because of consistency throughout the product line. (11 min, 30 sec.)

The Largest Launch Ever: A First Look At Key Features Of Xerox’s 29 New Printers — This slideshow from CRN.com shows some of the most notable features of of our ConnectKey technology-enabled printers and multifunction printers. (CRN .com)

Xerox ConnectKey: Our Biggest Technology Launch in 110 Years Apps are the tools that turned cell phones into personal assistants. Now, the app will transform your multifunction printer into a true workplace assistant. Same with your stand-alone printer. But more than apps, ConnectKey technology-enabled products provide an intuitive user experience, are mobile- and cloud-ready, protects your devices from unauthorized access with advanced security features, and allows you to customize your experience by adding, deleting or swapping tools to meet your evolving needs. (Xerox Connect blog.)

Moving Into the Future with Xerox: How ConnectKey Apps Evolve with Your Business Needs ConnectKey Technology® is a combination of hardware, a common set of software solutions and apps that help simplify and improve the way the world works. The result is intelligent documents that are searchable, secure, connected and collaborative, with ConnectKey apps at the heart of it all. (Small Business Solutions blog.)

Brian Moran talks with some of our channel partners impressions of the ConnectKey product line in the above video. (10 min.)

Moving into the Future with Xerox: New ConnectKey App Gallery Offerings Your Customers Demand Xerox Channel Partners can offer their customers value well beyond the box. Workflows become simpler due to intelligent documents that are searchable, secure, connected and collaborative, with ConnectKey apps at the heart of it all. (Channel Partner Connection blog.)


The conversion continues on Twitter with the ConnectKey hashtag.

Moving forward,  keep your eye on our blogs for the most relevant news about Xerox, our products, solutions, people and technology.

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  1. Brian Moran March 30, 2017 - Reply

    It was a historic day in NYC. I was honored to be part of the Xerox launch of 29 new devices. You are changing the world of MFPs. In fact, people should just start calling them “Workplace Assistants.”

    • Gregory Pings March 30, 2017 - Reply

      We think so, too, Brian! Thank you for helping us launch our “workplace assistants.” 😉

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