“Our new portfolio is poised to transform the workplace”

By Jeff Jacobson

We announced the largest technology launch in our company’s history on Wednesday. It is the next stage of the product strategy we started in 2013, when we launched ConnectKey – the first ecosystem-based platform for A3 workgroup devices.

Jeff Jacobson, Xerox CEO
“Our new portfolio is poised to transform the workplace. It gives us great confidence in our path forward — as Xerox, and as an industry.” — Jeff Jacobson, Xerox CEO

We followed that up in subsequent years with a broader range of specialized apps, customizable workflows and solutions, to deliver a better user experience.

Now, we are increasing the range of ConnectKey-enabled devices to include both entry A3 and workgroup A4, with coherency among the fleet of A3 and A4 devices. Here are some of the comments I made during Wednesday’s briefing for the press and industry analysts at our Executive Briefing Center in New York.

The launch is not just about adding more devices. It is about ensuring that every enterprise in every workplace segment – from small to large workgroups – has a secure, mobile, personalized and productive experience, with a tablet-based user interface, that helps organizations grow.

These new products extend the functionality of multifunction printers. They go beyond the base printing, copying, scanning and faxing functions and change the fundamental nature of the connected workplace – because the workplace itself has changed.

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ConnectKey turns your multifunction printer into a center of a complete productivity, right out of the box. Click here.

Much like the evolution of your smartphone to an app driven-personal assistant, these devices are true workplace assistants that allow you to work securely from any location, save steps with simplified workflows, and personalize the way you work.

We believe the full-range of products, apps, workflows and solutions are on target to support our growth plans.

  • 12 new A4 devices give us a growing presence in the A4 MFP market, which is growing and where our participation has been limited.
  • The fact that each device is ConnectKey-enabled means partners and customers can monitor and manage the full fleet from a common toolset and optimize assets more effectively.
  • These new devices are ideal for multi-brand dealers. By selling existing apps or creating custom apps, dealers can achieve real differentiation and stickiness with their customers.
  • Additionally, we have strengthened our value proposition for these partners by making our full line of office, light production, MPS and workflow automation offerings available to them, giving them the potential to open whole new markets.

We’re getting back to our innovation roots with a strong research, development and engineering operation, and investments focused exclusively on document technology and inspired by a relentless focus on our customers. Our new portfolio is poised to transform the workplace. It gives us great confidence in our path forward — as Xerox, and as an industry.

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