New Xerox Versant Presses Are ‘Integral Piece of the Puzzle’ for Busy Print Shops

Today we’re introducing the next generation of digital presses in the Xerox Versant family. These are game changers for busy print providers. Why? Because they automate several critical, everyday processes, and they print stunning Ultra HD image resolution. More on these in a moment. First, I want to show you one customer’s successful experience using the Versant 180 Press.

Integral to Printegra

Printegra, a Fairport, NY-based printer, produces a wide variety of high-quality business documents and custom-printed products. For the past several months, they’ve tested the new Versant 180 Press. Now they’re increasing digital sales, and they credit the Versant press as “an integral piece of that puzzle,” according to Printegra Customer Service Manager Matt Cramer. He says the Versant press is “making sure we’re continuing to offer a quality product and our customers are coming back again and again.”

Integra can now offer speedier service thanks to the Xerox Versant 180 Press

A key component of that success is their newfound ability to offer speedier service by automating steps. Jobs that normally used to touch five sets of hands can now be done in one pass on the Versant 180 Press.

“Being able to offer full bleeds and square backs are aspects of the products we’re producing that really sell themselves,” Cramer says. “We’re able to offer faster service as everything is done in-line at once.”

The Automation Advantage

With the Versant 180 Press, and the new Versant 3100 Press, success is automatic. That’s because these presses reduce the number of human touches—and thus, human errors, rework and waste—associated with typical print jobs.

Xerox Versant Presses automate critical, everyday steps.

Here are a few of the complex, yet every day, functions Versant presses automate:

  • Color management
  • Registration and alignment
  • Clearing paper jams
  • Trimming and binding
  • Setting up paper for optimal printing

I liken some of these tasks to flossing. You know you’re supposed to do it every day, but few people do. However, if flossing happened automatically while you brushed your teeth, it would be a no-brainer. Some of the Versant presses’ features are fully automated, while others require just a few simple mouse-clicks. But they all save the press operator time, and keep the presses churning out stunning, high-definition pages. That brings me to my next point:

Ultra HD Image Resolution

The Ultra HD image quality is another big draw for the Versant family of presses. It’s a proprietary technology, and no one else in the industry comes close. Think of the first time you saw an HDTV versus a standard definition television. The pixels and image resolution probably blew you away.

Left: Standard print resolution (8-bit); Right: Xerox-exclusive Ulltra HD Resolution (10-bit)

It’s the same for the Versant presses. They render files at four times greater quality than competitive presses do. You’ll see smoother gradients, finer lines and sharper text. To put this in perspective, our Ultra HD Resolution received the highest endorsement the printing industry can offer: a prestigious InterTech Award. Presented by the Printing Industries of America, the InterTech Award is to printing what the Oscars are to film.

Printing Industries of America views Ultra HD Resolution as “a truly innovative technology expected to advance the performance of the graphic communications industry.” And so it is.

Triple Threat

Xerox Versant Press

Our three new offerings—the Versant 180 Press, the Versant 180 Press with Performance Package, and the Versant 3100 Press—are poised to completely transform busy print businesses that are seeking more performance and speed. The industry-leading automation and Ultra HD Resolution packed into these presses are just the beginning. We didn’t even get into how fast they print, nor all of the paper stocks they print on. So please, go check out the entire Xerox Versant family of presses, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. gilbert kangale April 13, 2017 - Reply

    hi please send me a QUOTE for the following part for a XEROX J75 COLOUR Press and the shipment to lusaka -Zambia.
    1.IBT BELT PART NO 675K72181 X2
    3.2ND BTR UNIT NO 059K79312 X2
    4.CC FILTER NO 053K91980 X2
    5. SUCTION FILTER NO 053K91902 X1
    6.TRAY 1.2.3 FEED ROLL KIT NO 604K23660 X3
    8. WASTE TONER BOTTLE N0 008R12290 X2
    9.DADF FEEDER ROLL 604K75220 X 2
    10. DADF NUDGER ROLL NO 604K75211 X 2
    11. DADF RETARD ROLL NO 604K75230X2
    12. TRAY 8 FEED ROLL KIT NO 604K12560 X2
    13. HCF NUDGER ROLL NO 059K26702 X2
    14 .HCF RETARD ROLL 059K26591 X2
    15. HCF FEED ROLL 059K26691 X2

    • Gregory Pings April 17, 2017 - Reply

      Dear Gilbert,
      Thanks for reaching out.
      We have shared this with our business partner in Zambia, who will be reaching out shortly to you.

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