Ease of Use Relieves Complex Work Processes

By Gregory Pings, manager of Content Marketing for Xerox

What if your printer had an app that automatically fills out expense reports when you scan receipts? How about an app for healthcare providers that helps manage medical records in a secure HIPPA-compliant environment?

You’ll find these in the Xerox App Gallery, which you can download directly to your ConnectKey-enabled printer. These apps allow your multifunction printer to do complex workflow processes but in a way that’s easy for the everyday user.

You might think a printer like this – and with these kinds of apps — would be hard to set up. You will want to re-think that.

“We [made] it easy for small businesses to get the [printers], connect them to the cloud, connect to their network — and not need an IT expert and half a day,” Xerox R&D chief Steve Hoover told TheSelfEmployed.com founder Steve Strauss in a recent podcast.

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Learn how ConnectKey turns your multifunction printer into a center of a complete productivity, right out of the box.

See how ConnectKey apps on your printer or MFP can make your work life easier.

Xerox senior vice president of engineering Dragana Pavlovic also joined the podcast. She and Hoover discussed the following topics with Strauss:

  • What kinds of apps are available on ConnectKey and how do they make lives at small businesses easier?
  • Rethinking the printer: What are printers capable of doing for small businesses?
  • How was the idea for ConnectKey born?

Strauss begins his 30-minute podcast with an overview of how Chester Carlson invented xerography, then later worked with modern-day Xerox founder Joe Wilson to bring it to market. Strauss points out that the Carlson-Wilson journey offers the most important lesson on how great ideas (like ConnectKey) become great products: The value of a genius of one sort (inventive) combining skills with a genius of another sort (marketing) in order to bring to market a product that serves unmet needs.

Editor’s note: Steve Strauss is a paid contributor for Xerox.

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