Working on the Go Just Got Easier

By Renee Carter, vice president, Mid Products Business Group, and Matt Mielbye, strategic account general manager for Xerox

As work continues to become less office-centered and more mobile, there is an increased demand for innovations that will help mobile employees get their work accomplished from just about anywhere.

Xerox and Staples have a 20-year partnership founded on providing printing services to consumers and small businesses alike.  In 2016, Staples debuted a customized Xerox self-service device to help improve the customer experience for mobile workers and small businesses that rely on Staples for their printing and office work needs.  The new solution allows customers to print, scan, copy, and fax without the help of a store employee.

The cloud connected self-service devices make ordinary office activities a snap on the road.  Plus, the ability for customers to pay for services directly on the device allows customers to get work done quickly and efficiently.

Small business writer and blogger Alexandra Levit notes, “small business owners are spinning so many plates at once. Xerox and Staples have worked together to design a self-serve MFP that allows you to hit a local Staples, scan to email, mobile print, print from your email, and be out with your documents in seconds.”

In celebration of National Small Business Week, Xerox teamed up with Staples to host an event highlighting the real-life applications of the new self-service devices. Held at the Staples store in Midtown Manhattan, the event focused on how this this new solution helps small businesses and mobile workers be more productive in their everyday business related tasks when away from the office.

At the Event

Media and small business experts gathered to hear more about the devices and how they can quickly and efficiently handle simple tasks, saving workers time and boosting their productivity. It was a “hands-on” affair with those attending, trying out workflows they would use in their daily life including scan to email, print from mobile devices, fax and even produce photo-quality color copies.

Customers share their experiences

With close to 3,000 devices installed across the country, customers agree, the Xerox Staples Print Solution is easy to use, mobile-friendly and a perfect fit for their printing, copying, scanning, and faxing needs. Whether it’s a small business owner in need of a place to print a client proposal, or a field sales representative who needs to scan an order agreement back to the home office, the intuitive touchscreen interface is built for ease of use.

One customer noted that the device was perfect for her busy schedule saying, “I’m here on my lunch hour, so this is great… let me go to Staples and I’ll get it done. It’s done and I go back to work!” Another customer raved about the scan to email feature saying, “it just makes it so much easier to go in here and you scan it from your email and it prints.”

You can view more of the great feedback we’ve received from customers in this video:

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