To Have Influence Upon Influential People

By Gregory Pings, manager of Content Marketing for Xerox

Who is best qualified to judge an awards contest? Colleagues? Management? Customers? Independent third parties?

Marcia DeMinco
Marcia DeMinco, Manager, Industry Analyst Relations

In the world of analyst relations (AR), the industry analysts who are the targets of AR programs arguably have the best view into an AR specialist’s performance. The analyst relations team is charged with telling the corporate story to a group of influencers — the industry analysts — who have the power to shape the company’s future.

“When done well,” Industry Analyst Relations manager Marcia DeMinco pointed out, “analysts come to rely on effective AR specialists not only for timely notice of company announcements and access to top executives, but for candid background on a company’s evolving strategies.”

That’s why the annual Analyst Choice Awards—presented by the consulting firm, Knowledge Capital Group (KCG), are so coveted.

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For the third time in the past three years, the Xerox Industry Analyst Relations group won two of KCG’s Analyst Choice Awards: one for our multifunction printer program and the other for our managed print services program.

The awards are based upon the input of 200 industry analysts worldwide, including a significant proportion from Gartner. They rated us (and our competitors) on five key effectiveness scores:  1) Access to Executives; 2) Quality and Availability of References; 3) Efficacy of Communications; 4) Responsiveness; 5) Overall Effectiveness.

Given the rigorous review, you’ll understand why the Analyst Choice Awards are viewed as the corporate analyst relations version of the Academy Awards.

“Once again, we beat out competitors to take the top awards in both categories,” Marcia noted. “Recognition like this makes me proud to be Xerox, and even more proud to work with our top-notch professionals.”

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