Five Apps to Boost Workplace Productivity

By Emily Drzewiecki

Most of us can compare what life was like before information could be summoned with a few screen taps.  Now, you expect workflow solutions to exist for your personal devices that will make your life simpler and more efficient. But what about your printer? Shouldn’t you already be looking back on a time when converting files to different formats or placing service tickets yourself was an archaic task of the past?

As a technology leader that understands how today’s business world communicates, connects and works, Xerox works with a network of partners. They are pioneers in workplace app development who are bringing the functionality of your smart phone to your Xerox printer. With these top five Xerox ConnectKey-enabled apps, the evolving needs of your customers and your business can be addressed at the intersection of physical and digital worlds.

Vision-E Voice

How often have you relied on the voice-activated app on your smart phone to read you a text, remind you to complete a task later or set a timer? Vision-e Voice works with Amazon’s Alexa to make your Xerox multifunction printer voice activated. Need to check your supply inventory or submit a detailed service ticket? Alexa works with your MFP to collect the data it needs to perform complex print, copy and service tasks with simple voice commands.

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Xerox Easy Translator Service

In our latest commercial, Brother Dominic faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge of translating 500 copies of a hand-written scripture into 35 languages. This was achieved simply by using the Xerox Easy Translator Service app on a ConnectKey-enabled printer. Jointly developed through a trademark licensing agreement with our innovation partner, ABBYY, the app can receive documents from a phone, PC, or scanned into the multifunction printer to translate content into nearly 60 different languages including Arabic, Hungarian, Hebrew and Japanese. While human translation is best for quality and accuracy, XETS offers a quick understanding of what the text is about.

Simply a miracle.

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Capture Point

For your Xerox MFP’s next trick, the ability to bring workplace automation to another level. The Capture Point application is a cloud service that enables Xerox MFPs to easily convert scanned documents into a PDF, fax or editable Word or Excel file. Users can then email the converted file to themselves, customers, coworkers and partners, or share to DropBox, Xerox DocuShare or Box to access and edit anywhere.

See how Capture Point works.


Similar to Capture Point, OptimiDoc can scan and covert documents to digital files – but, this application also includes one special feature. OptimiDoc Cloud recognizes business card, extracts the data and transfers it into VCF file. With one click, have created a new contact in your mailbox. The software also shares documents securely, tracks printing costs and can optimize processes on thousands of devices.

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Foxway International

Foxway was among the first channel partners to become Xerox PAB (Personalized Application Builder) Authorized, a Xerox program that helps channel partners build stronger relationships with customers and create new revenue. Located in Sweden, Foxway works with each of its customers to make their workflow processes as efficient as possible. They sell their own suite of apps, called the Productivity Pack, which helps users audit information that is copied and scanned on their MFPs, monitor environmental efficiency and more.

Unlock your Foxway International  Productivity Pack here.

By collaborating with diverse minds across the globe, Xerox brings a new level of functionality for your office equipment that will save you time and, ultimately, money. Go ahead, kick the minutious office tasks out of your way and spend more time thinking of the next big thing for your business with these five ConnectKey apps that help transform traditional printing devices into smart, connected workplace assistants.

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