Xerox CEO Optimistic About Growth

By Gregory Pings, manager of Content Marketing, Xerox

Jeff Jacobson
Jeff Jacobson, CEO, Xerox

Irony alert: 50 trillion pages printed globally, every year, means that print is dying. To be certain, print is changing.  It is true that all of those email, web pages, text messages (and more!) were formerly printed on paper, but 50,000,000,000,000 is too big to ignore.

This is why CEO Jeff Jacobson is bullish on Xerox’s future. “Anybody who talks about the paperless office has never seen my office,” he wryly noted to Fortune senior correspondent Susie Gharib.

Jacobson noted, however, the volume of printing on paper is down about 4 percent. He also pointed out that 95 percent of those 50 trillion pages are printed on offset presses. Digital printing equipment, such as those produced by Xerox, will take increasingly more print jobs from offset’s market space.  This is one reason why Jacobson is optimistic.  Also, consider these points from his interview with Gharib:

  • Largest-ever product launch in Xerox history: 29 ConnectKey-enabled smart workplace assistants.
  • Xerox is a top-20 patent-producing company. Our Silicon Valley-based Palo Alto Research Center is working in areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our scientists, engineers and ethnographers are considering how these technologies impact the future of print.
  • Printing beyond paper is Xerox’s next frontier. This includes printed electronics and direct to object printing.

Watch this Fortune video (4 minutes) of the interview between Susie Gharib and Jeff Jacobson to learn more about Xerox’s transformation.


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