by John Curtis

We don’t all come to work each day with a superhero mask and cape, but it’s a good metaphor to talk about Xerox’s long and continuing journey for diversity and inclusion.

In a presentation at an Out and Equal Summit (see video), I compared LGBTQ people as modern superheroes because they reflect our aspirations. We’re diverse beings, we have our arsenal of super skills, and some of us hide behind a mask we put in front of the world. But, like Batgirl or Iron Man, we need sidekicks to help us out.

Engaging colleagues and leaders as allies (or sidekicks, in the superhero parlance) can accelerate diversity for gender parity, LGBTQ and transgender equality, and valuing different perspectives. Mentors, leaders and sponsors are allies who bring unique insights and perspectives that can unlock hidden identities and super powers (capabilities). Allies can be in places and in conversations where they can influence on our behalf.  All of us need the benefit of allies throughout our workplaces, communities and careers.

The business case and data proves out the diversity and inclusion value-add: We give more fully to our employers and team mates when we are free to engage our heads and our hearts in our work. As we continually evolve our workplace culture, Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson sends out the challenge: “…keep pushing each other – to think differently, to champion new ideas, to have the discipline to drive results, and the collaborative spirit to make change.”

Xerox Earns Perfect Score

Xerox has achieved a perfect score on the 2018 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). This national benchmarking survey reports on corporate policies and practices related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) workplace equality. The CEI is administered by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Careers at Xerox

Visit and discover your potential. Xerox is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

John Curtis,

For more than 30 years, employee resource groups have proven crucial to Xerox’s organization as well as our personal performance. Our LGBTQ employee resource group, Galaxe, has developed outreach programs to engage straight allies, and our Womens Alliance has launched a “Manbassador” initiative that recruits men as advocates for gender equality.

You may be an ally, and on some days, you may be a superhero. Perhaps a superhero like you, could use one of us to be YOUR sidekick.

(John Curtis is both superhero and sidekick. The superhero is vice president of membership and global OUTreach for GALAXe Pride at Work; the sidekick is a member of the board of directors and manbassador outreach for The Women’s Alliance. Both organizations are employee resource groups at Xerox. In real life, John is a mild-mannered manager of lease marketing for Xerox.)