Xerox Connect’s Top 2017 Stories

By Gregory Pings

It doesn’t surprise me, but seeing it on a spreadsheet is a heckuva reality check that answers the question: What do my readers want?

Based on the pageviews from the past year, Xerox products and our direction top the list of your favorite articles. Rounding out the list (out of more than 100 published in 2017) your favorite topics include corporate social responsibility, information security, innovation, people and popular culture.

Here’s a look at some your favorites.

Xerox direction

“New beginning” might be redundant, but there’s no other way to put it: On January 1, 2017, Xerox became a new company. Again. “New Year, New Xerox” announced the official start of a new path for Xerox and our revitalized strategy and expanded opportunities.

No surprises here, our top-performing article for 2017 featured Brother Dominic, updated for the 21st century, who pulled-off yet another Xerox miracle. “40 Years: Then and Now” takes a look at how Xerox (and the world) has changed since the first Bro-Do commercial that aired during Super Bowl XI.

Set the Page Free – It’s What Xerox Is All About” describes how Set the Page Free nods to our heritage, reflects our present, embraces our future, and allows us to convey the essence of the value that Xerox has always provided in the world.

14 world renowned writers and artists produce a story of the modern workplace. “Speaking of Work: A Story of Love, Suspense and Paper Clips” is filled with passion, suspense and absurdity. Go to for your copy of the free eBook. You may also peruse this site for excerpts from these remarkable writers, as well videos and podcasts that feature their insights on work and the workplace.

CEO Jeff Jacobson caught your attention. Articles by or about him regularly perform well, whether he discusses our direction (“CEO’s Letter to Shareholders: This year is all about execution”) or a new product line (Save the date: Xerox CEO to discuss the future of work).

One of more popular articles for 2017 was published in 2016. Lasting change must come from a thousand decisions made differently every day by thousands of our colleagues — their ideas, their passion, and their leadership. Read “Xerox’s strategic transformation: 8 things you don’t know” from Xerox chief transformation officer Cathy Nadeau.

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New products, software and services

Xerox_AltaLink_C8035We launched 29 new products on March 29. “Xerox ConnectKey: Our Biggest Technology Launch in 110 Years” lifted the veil and led the way to more articles about the products, features and – especially, the apps.

The Problem with Printers, and How Xerox Solved Them” shows how our product development team took the lessons and insights about smartphone app design and applied them to our printers.

Five Apps to Boost Workplace Productivity highlights five printer apps that meet the evolving needs of your customers and your business.

From Bottle Caps to Basketballs, Xerox Came to Play at Retail’s BIG Show reminds us that “the page” is anything that holds information and data. Our Direct to Object inkjet printer takes us way beyond paper, and shows how applied innovation can change shopping experiences, and uncover new opportunities for retailers.

Working on the Go Just Got Easier takes a look at a customized Xerox self-service printer we developed for Staples. It improves the customer experience for mobile workers and small businesses that rely on Staples for their printing and office work needs.

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People and popular culture

Reverse MentorsThe Question Is, What Is Xerox? showcased a Jeopardy! question about Xerox. This pop culture reference gave me an excuse to write about Horace Becker, one of the more irrepressible personalities in Xerox history.

5 Lessons from My Internship advises fellow students to get out of their comfort zones if they want great experiences and a good challenge.

Beyond Ink & Paper is part of a series of articles that that examine the modern workplace, the technology we use to get our work done, as well as the places where we get our work done. These articles feature insights from Xerox employees, partners, and customers who work in various functions.

Millennials Mentor Xerox Executives reports on a reverse mentoring program that creates a safe space where our young people can share ideas and connect with the leadership.

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Information security

How to Secure Documents and the Devices that Print Them looks at an often-overlooked area for information security: documents, and the “endpoints” that produce them. It features a guide that offers checklists and discussion points to help you make smart choices about information security.

We’re Fooling Ourselves: There is No Cybersecurity Talent Gap questions whether unfilled cybersecurity positions require fulfillment at all. Sergio Caltagirone, director of threat intelligence and analytics at Dragos, looks at opportunities chief information security officers may have overlooked.

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Gary Starkweather Invented the Laser Printer Over 40 Years Ago is part of a National Inventors Day series that looks at several innovative ideas that came out (or are coming out) of our laboratories.

Tech and Your Job: Changes Ahead PARC CEO Dr. Tolga Kurtoglu says the question is not “will artificial intelligence take my job?” Rather, you should ask “how will the nature of work change?”

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Jeff JacobsonCorporate social responsibility (CSR)

This section is deceptively brief. That’s because The Things That Matter Most to People and Communities included a roundup of CSR articles when we announced that Xerox was named to the 2017 Just 100 list. Give it a read; I think you’ll like the Marley’s Ghost reference. The Just 100 list is a survey conducted by Forbes and JUST Capital, a nonprofit that ranks the largest publicly traded corporations in the U.S.

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Thank you for a great 2017, and I look forward to more great stories in the new year.

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