How to Host an Effective e-Waste Recycling Day

By Wendi Latko

The electronics in your computers and printers contain highly engineered materials and precious metals. When you upgrade to new and faster models, the landfill is the worst choice because the precious metals comprising the electronics have intrinsic value and can be used again to enable a circular economy.

That’s why Xerox hosts an annual recycle day in Webster, N.Y. Employees and retirees drop off used electronics to be responsibly recycled, as well as used clothes, household items, and bicycles.

Follow these four tips to host an effective recycle day and make sure none of those electronics end up in a landfill.

  1. Encourage local volunteers to help – Sorting items that are dropped off is one of the most important tasks. The more volunteers you have to help, the quicker and more accurately, items are sorted.
  2. Partner with local organizations – You can have greater success in diverting materials from landfills by having non-profit organizations present to collect other items. All materials diverted from landfills help save the environment. Partner with non-profit organizations in your community that will attend your recycle day and collect other items. Make sure to secure a large space to accommodate all of your collections.
  3. Use a third-party certified electronics recycler – A certified electronics recycler maximizes reuse and recycling, minimizes exposure to human health or the environment, ensures safe management of materials, and guarantees the destruction of all data. These are all benefits that contribute to a social, economic and environmentally sustainable practice.
  4. Communicate effectively to your target audience – Your target audience should know when and where the event is taking place, and why a recycles day is so important. Educate your target audience on the benefits of certified recyclers, the circular economy, and related topics. It’s critical to developing a sustainable community.

Our 2017 Xerox Recycles Day collected 9.5 tons of electronics, 257 pounds of clothes, 288 pounds of household items, and 75 bicycles.Gold Tier Sustainable Materials Management Electronics Challenge

Enabling a Circular Economy

When you responsibly dispose of your electronics, you help contribute to a growing circular economy. This means that your electronics and supplies, at the end of their useful life, come full circle to become the raw materials of a new product. Xerox offers a number of returns options for you including an equipment returns program, a supplies returns program and an equipment donation program.


Honors at CES

Xerox proudly contributes to a sustainable community. We send 100 percent of electronics that we take back to third-party certified recyclers. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency has recognized Xerox as a Gold Tier participant in their Sustainable Materials Management Electronics Challenge at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The EPA recognized electronics manufacturers, retailers, and brand owners who design sustainability into their products, and partner with certified recyclers to divert electronics from landfills.

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